If we choose not to have guides, will someone be willing to give us a quick tour of the lake and provide a depth map for us?

 Yes. There will be someone at the outpost that is familiar with Knee Lake and he will give guests a quick tour of the lake and provide you with a waterproof depth map of the lake.

Do you have shore lunch kits we can take out with us?

 Yes. We can provide you with all the staples needed to make your own fresh walleye shore lunch or a bag lunch will be provided.

 If we take a fly out to Bear Lake, how much will it cost and can we go without guides?

Fly outs to Bear Lake are decided on by the Manager when guests arrive in camp and based on available planes, weather and availability of boats at Bear Lake. Guides are highly recommended. The guest covers the entire cost of the plane.

How do the meals work exactly?

A hearty breakfast will be provided for guests every morning. You will be responsible for cooking your own shore lunch and dinner. We installed kitchenettes in the cabins, so your dinner will be cooked by you in your private cabin. We will be stocking your fridge with plenty of great food and if you have dietary restrictions, we will work with your needs. If you choose to have a guide, your guide will cook your shore lunches for you.

Will you bring in our beverages for us?

No. You are responsible for bringing in your own beverages. However, we will have our tackle shop stocked with beer, soda and water. You are welcome to purchase these beverages at our tackle shop.

What type of food will I be cooking in my cabin for our dinners?

We stock your fridge every day while you are out fishing Here is a good idea of what you can expect each day:
Day 1: Chicken, potato side, veggie, rolls and a dessert
Day 2: Steaks, potato side, veggie, rolls and a dessert
Day 3: Hamburgers, potato side, veggie, rolls and a dessert
Day 4: Ribs, potato side, veggie, rolls and a dessert
If someone in your group has allergies or there are foods you don’t care for, if we know far enough in advance, we can work with you.