If we take a fly out to Bear Lake, how much will it cost and can we go without guides?

Fly outs to Bear Lake are decided on by the Manager when guests arrive in camp and based on available planes, weather and availability of boats at Bear Lake. We do not keep a plane at North Star. The guest covers the entire cost of the chartered plane.

How do the meals work exactly?

A hearty breakfast will be provided for guests every morning in the main lodge at 7AM. Your fishing guide, your guide will cook your shore lunches for you and you will enjoy a generous, hearty buffet dinner in the main lodge at 7PM.

Will you bring in our beverages for us?

No. You are responsible for bringing in your own beverages and the weight is included in your 50lbs of luggage. However, we will have our tackle shop stocked with beer, soda and water and the bar is open in the lodge in the evening.  You are welcome to purchase beverages at our tackle shop or bar if you don’t want to bring in your own.

What type of food can I expect at the buffet?

For breakfast you can expect your hearty breakfast food such as eggs, bacon, muffins, yogurt, toast, bagels, an assortment of cereals, juices, milk and coffee.  For dinner you can expect meat, vegetables, a starch, salad and a sweet, irresistable dessert.  You won’t go away hungry, we promise!  If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please advise before your trip.